Advice For Twin Flame Chaser


Someone posted the link to this on Facebook just now and I thought I would share it here. I’m sure many of you will identify with the “chaser” as I did. I found this to be helpful in putting it in perspective. Enjoy!

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser
by RICHEE on JULY 10, 2012

Twin Flame Chaser

Becoming the Chaser is not something that this partner intentionally does… It happens naturally… The inner ‘knowing’ and awareness of the twinflame connection is what drives the Chaser.

Women are usually more emotionally sensitive than men… That’s what often makes the woman in the twinflame relationship understand the true nature of it before the man does.

Men are also conditioned (since the caveman era, when they had to hunt for survival) to hide their emotions and feelings… that makes them suppress the inner ‘knowingness’, consciously or subconsciously, with or without their own knowledge…

For this reason, The Twin Flame Chaser is usually the woman.
[That does not mean that a man can not be in this position, It ultimately depends on the life plan.]

To make things simpler to understand, we’ll assume that the Chaser is the woman.

Being highly sensitive, The Chaser can ‘feel’ the depth of this relationship and knows that it is somehow special… This feeling is there even if she doesn’t consciously know what it is all about…
Now, When the other Twin flames suddenly tried to escape or run away,
Two things happen to the Chaser.

One – She is deeply hurt and afraid of losing her partner.

The intensity and the depth of love that she feels for the twinflame is more than anything else that she has probably ever felt. When the Runner just runs away without even a warning, she gets a huge emotional shock… much more than she can handle.
This makes her act ‘crazy’ sometimes. She will, at this point, do almost anything to get the Runner back…

The emotional pain of the Chaser is intensified even more by the memories or residue of the many previous lives in which she had lost him.
All the pain and suffering from all of those lives is stirred up and comes back to the surface when the Runner runs away…

Two – She knows there is some deeper meaning to this relationship and feels that the two of them ‘Should be together’ to make things alright.

She has a feeling deep inside that everything will be okay… they should just be together (which is true).
She might not be explain this to the Runner or to anyone else but strongly feels it.

And because of these reasons,
She tries to ‘Chase’ the Runner.
To get him back, no matter how.

The Chaser herself might be very confused at this stage, she might not even be able to understand whats happening to her,
all she knows is that she cant afford to lose the Runner, no matter what.

The Chasing, however, only pushes the Runner further away.
Then comes a point when she shatters completely (emotionally).
The pain of having the runner run can be literally mind numbing.

Now That’s where God’s magic begins…
She tries to look up information just to find out what was it that is happening to her. It is not just a normal relationship, she knows that for sure.
And that’s when the Spiritual reality reveals itself to her.
That’s when she understands the sacredness of this relationship…
and all of this ultimately leads to her Enlightenment.

Then comes the Waiting time. That is when the ‘Chaser’ is enlightened and the Runner is still running…
This can again be a very hard time for the Chaser.

Ultimately, once the phase is over, the runner does return, and that’s when the Grand Reunion happens

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser

If you’ve read about ‘The Chaser’ and figured that its you, here is some advice…

Know that your partner WILL Return…
With all that you are going through, knowing that the runner will return is enough to ease half the pain.
Twinflames are ever connected by the eternal sacred bond that never breaks.
They are literally created to be with each other. Nothing can take them away from each other.

Understand that your partner will come back once they are ready for the intensity of this relationship.

Let them take their time, pushing or chasing is not of much use.

Avoid ‘Chasing’ him/her
The runner runs because they are afraid of the intensity of the relationship at some level.
Chasing him/her at this point only makes them run more.
Give them some time, and know that they will come when they are ready.

Know that the universe in helping you
Being in the ‘Chaser’ position can be hard. You might feel lonely and helpless. DONT.

The universe plays its magic in bringing twinflames together.
Know that you are supported by all divine beings in someway… whether you know it or not.
Doing too much at a human level is not required to get your twinflame back… just remain calm and you’ll see that everything takes care of itself (it might take some time, but trust me it will happen… just be patient)

Believe In Yourself
During this phase, there is often a lot of confusion.
Your mind does not agree with what your hear tells you… And If you try sharing it with someone else they will probably tell you you’ve simply ‘lost it’… These people usually are not aware of this deep spiritual reality and give you ‘practical’ advice which doesn’t work for a twinflame relationship…

Understand that what is happening to you is not unusual… and you are perfectly all right.
Just Believe in yourself and follow your heart… and everything will be okay :)

Understand spirituality
The more you understand the spiritual reality, the more sense everything will start to make.
The relationship between Twinflames is basically spiritual… You’ll understand whats going on in the relationship the more you explore spirituality… This is not something that is necessary… but I believe it helps allot.

And If you’re comfortable with it, use the Violet Flame to balance your karma… this (or any other meditation) also helps calm the mind which is required during this confusing and difficult phase.


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20 thoughts on “Advice For Twin Flame Chaser

  1. Hello
    I am the Chaser. I am glad to finally know. I have been terrified of losing him. He has never run completely away. He as put much space between us..but everytime I have nearly given up` , he would contact me. I decided to stop chasing him many times now….and decided it had to be now. Then I found this.
    Amazing……it is unconditional love…..and so frightening too.

    Thank you…..S

    • hello it would be good to talk to you my name is shum Im in a twin flame relationship with a punjabi guy and understand the complete pain, last night I felt that I was dying and I have become so religious as well. I would like to befriend other twin flames who are going through similar experiences as my friends and family think i am crazy and don’t understand. My other half has run for 6 months now as refuses to answer calls or texts, it feels like I’ve lost a limb everytime I try to forget him, i dream of him or see his name every where, i can also feel this man. I am at the stage where I pray and meditate every day to carry on with my life as it feels like he has died but I know he is alive in my heart.

  2. In my relationship, I am the chaser, and I am the guy. So I thought I might add my own 2 cents worth to help others going through the emotional roller coaster of chasing after their twin runner. The one thing that I’ve noticed, from reading everybodys experiences on the internet, is that it seems the chaser is more enlightened as to what is going on than the runner is. Probably why the runner runs I’m thinking. So the first thing to do is not tell them you believe they are your twin flame, and spill your guts about the whole thing to them. They will panic if they are not ready for it. Play it cool. As the chaser, you know what’s going on, but the runner does not. Think of your runner as a wild squirrel, and you are a human offering it a nut. Now the squirrel knows what the nut is. It wants the nut, but it is so blinded by it’s fear that it ignores the nut and runs for it’s life. You chasing after the squirrel with nut extended isn’t going to do anything but make the squirrel run even faster. Remember, play it cool. Offer what you have, but offer it non-threateningly. If they recoil, don’t move. If you chase, they will run. What you need to do is slowly strip away the fear that they have. You need to slowly get them use to what is happening. This is going to take a lot of will power on your part, because you are not going to want to wait, but you have to. Give it to them in small doses, and when they get used to that, slowly give them a little more and eventually, you will have them on board. I’ve been doing this for mu runner, and she is slowly coming around. I hope this bit of advice helps.

    • What you say is good advice Derrick. I guess for me it’s after the fact. When I first met H in Barbados, the things we shared had me confused because I had never heard of anything like this before. So I did some research on soul mates because I didn’t know what else this could be. However the articles I read on soul mates didn’t really answer my questions until one article I came across on soul mates also mentioned “Twin Flames”. I had never heard the term before so I researched and read everything I could find on that. The more I read the more convinced I was that this is what we had stumbled upon and so I sent him all that I was finding and told him to read it and asked if he agreed that this was what we had found. He read what I sent and he agreed with me. I didn’t even think to keep it from him. I was too excited by what I was reading.

      Later when I had joined a Yahoo Twin Flame group, I learned that the people on the forum knew they had found their TF but the TF had no clue. It hadn’t even occurred to me to not tell him! Then when he walked away I was devastated because I couldn’t understand how he could walk away from what we had and so yes I chased him. I wrote many e-mails to him explaining the importance of our relationship but to no avail. He did come back some months later and just when it seemed good, he was gone again. In the meantime, every thing new I found on TF’s I sent him to read. Again it didn’t occur to me that I was doing more harm than good. I thought if he realized what our relationship was all about he would stop running, but in fact I think it had the opposite effect.

      We have been at this for 6 years now. He walked again a little over 8 months ago. I wrote him from time to time for the first 5 months, tried to reach out but to no avail and so then I stopped trying to contact him, and I made my peace with it, that he was gone and probably for good. I vowed that I would not be the one to break this silence this time around and as Christmas drew closer I wondered if he would make contact because it seems we come together around the holidays. But I wasn’t going to be the one to initiate it this time. Sure enough, at 3:30 a.m. Christmas morning he sent me a text message wishing me a Merry Christmas and we have been communicating again ever since. It’s sporadic, a day or two might go by without any word from him. I am not going to lie, it’s hard and I get upset. He doesn’t know that because I’m not telling him what I am feeling. All he gets from me now is a reply when he contacts me. I am afraid to give myself completely to this relationship because it’s too hard when he leaves.

      I don’t care who says what about this being about the service and not about being with your TF, I have read and heard everything. None of it makes one iota of difference when he leaves. The pain I feel is almost more than I can bear on a good day. I’m not chasing him, I’m not trying to make him stay. I have been told I’m codependent, I have been told he’s not my TF, that the man who passed in 2010, Rob, is. I have been told that H is an energy vampire and that he’s basically sucking the life out of me. I have walked away myself. I have blocked him from contacting me. I have tried everything in my power to forget him and put it behind me and yet here I am again.

      Ours is a long distance relationship that is mostly online or on the phone. We have never met physically for one reason or another and the distance is great as I live in Newfoundland, Canada, and he is in Barbados. He’s also married with young kids, a girl 15 and a boy of 9. He says the marriage is over, and I would agree as he was on every dating site known to man. Not anymore. But he told me he stays for the kids. Then the other day he said he has his passport and is saving up to come visit me. So I guess we will see about that.

      If I could find a man who I could care about enough to get over H, I would be all over that. Even with trying to put my focus on Rob it doesn’t work. This is the hardest thing I have ever done bar none. I put myself on a dating site again last night because at least I can find someone to chat with and if it was to turn out to be more, than all the better. It just seems that nothing works with anyone else. So what do you do, I have no idea. I can tell you that there are times when I wish I had never met him, there are times when I wish I had never heard of TF’s. If I could go back and forget all of this I would. But as they say, you can’t un-know what you know. To say I love him would be an understatement. He tells me he loves me, that life without me is unbearable and unbalanced, his words. But that doesn’t help when he’s away.

      As you can tell this isn’t a good day for me. I appreciate your giving the male perspective and what you have learned. Perhaps it will help the readers of this blog. Thank you Derrick. Love and light to you.


  3. I am a chaser I could not understand what has been going on in my life for the last 20yrs. I went to a phic in oct. who read my palm and told me my twin flame would finally seek me out in 5 months. I was confused more. at the time i could not find out what she meant . I could not find anything on this. Then last week a horoscope repeated that and drovre me crazy. He did contact me as she said he would a week before my birthday. we only chatted 3 x the entire week. the day before my birthday i had two very strong premonitions he would defriend me. One my birthday he wrote twice wishing a great day. that night in my dream i was looking at my wedding dresses, planning what I wanted my invite to say about connecting and marring my twin flame then we had a very loving anf touching embrace and kiss, at 3am I woke crying like a baby tears in my eyes. I went on fb and yes i was defriended. so you know everytime he has a thought, a feeling or talks about me i feel that also. sometimes its in pain some times its a numb feeling always in my left hand. on this morning that woke me up as it does many times each time. as I check my fb he defriendede me at 258am. ow once again I wait. I am very hear broken and have been for a very long time waiting for his return and i go crazy, my best gfriend tells me this to. untill i let her read about twin flsames now she understands it more. my only question he is free, i am married have been for 37yrs but left him, then went back due to childrens behavior toward me. but there is no relation ship with my husband i am a roommate in a home we share… so whats happens now with people who find there twin flame but are married to do they finally get to be togehter?? my children are 36 and 34 not children

    • This whole Twin Flame relationship is a learning process to be sure. Not all Twin Flames who meet in the physical will be reunited, it’s a fact. However that does not mean the connection isn’t there or that it can be broken. The Twin Flame relationship isn’t meant to break up families or marriages but if yours was already over then I don’t think I would let the “children” who are no long children tell you what to do. If I might recommend a book for you to read, try Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson. She gives a lot of very good advice in that book. One bit of advice she gives in that book is that you will not let anything stand in the way of true love. My “Twin” H in Barbados, and I put Twin in quotation marks because I am still trying to figure out that relationship for myself, is married and his kids are 10 and 15 years of age. He tells me when the kids are older he will be free to leave. So what do I do in the meantime while he’s romancing other women online? Do I put my life on hold to wait for him to wake up and grow up? I don’t think so, Twin or not, I deserve to be treated better than he’s been treating me of late. He came back into my life on Christmas morning after 8 months of no word. I stopped writing him 3 months before he came back. Perhaps that is why he did. Usually he leaves and I write begging him to come back. However this time I gave up chasing him. I get tired of the games and the abuse because abuse it is when someone tells you that you are their world and then walks away or goes days with no contact still while I know he’s chatting up someone else. So he’s keeping me on the back burner so to speak for when he gets around to it. Sorry but I am not putting my life on hold for that. I hope you figure it out for yourself but there is no guarantee that you will be reunited in this life time. Good Luck!

      • You are right their is no guarantee that we will reunite in this lifetime, and it seems like a whole lot of grief….My TF and I have no contact, and I was the classic chaser. I did my homework to all that I was feeling and he has gone on with his life prob. unaware to who he has met(me). If we meet again, I won’t go through what you did…If he does not feel the magic, then I will give up hope and do all in my power to forget him…send him love and then move on. Sad that most of the stories read are of the uniting of TF not working out….It is not comforting!!

      • I haven’t read much about the Twin Flame relationship that is comforting to be honest. Most of it talks about that relationship having nothing to do with the two people involved and its all being about service to humanity. I have one question though, if we are all so all consumed about our Twins, how is that helping humanity?? Personally I have given up because I no longer know for sure who my Twin is. I read a post on Facebook the other day that said we shouldn’t be so concerned with labels and find someone who we love who also loves us and forget if it’s a Twin Flame or a soul mate. The purpose is to be happy because in being happy we help lift the vibrations on this planet. If we are feeling sad and dejected because our “Twin” has forsaken us, again what purpose is that serving us or humanity! So I’m with you, if the other person isn’t feeling the magic, I think it’s time to move on and find someone who can better show us love and companionship and respect. Take care.

  4. I have been at this with my soul connection for nearly 30 years……. It has only been the last few years that i have discovered what is happening between us…..

    What a ride this thing is…….. What tremendous love it causes to bubble up out of me…. It is the stuff of legends….. Its every true love story you have ever read….. Its the “Real Deal.” Pleasure and Pain…. Yin/Yang….

  5. I am the chaser. My twin flame and I are both women. I’ve known her for 10 years. We knew immediately that we had a very strong bond. We were in a relationship for 2 years. It was beautiful, and then it ended in a very painful and confusing way. The runner ran like crazy. She went through a few other relationships, and is now married to someone else. I think I always held out hope that she really would come back until she actually married someone. When I found out about that, I literally became physically ill. It was like a part of me died. That was 4 years ago. We haven’t had any contact at all since then. I have no idea if she even thinks about me, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. We’ve been apart now for almost 8 years. This article says that your twin flame will come back to you even though it may take some time. But what if they really have moved on, as in married someone else and pretend you don’t even exist, and you have zero contact with the person. Is it still possible that they will come back to you even after all of that? It’s so hard to maintain hope in that situation.

  6. I would say don’t wait for the runner and just get on with your own lives. Seriously be open to meet other people who are a lot more balanced as waiting around can last a life time. Why should you have to feel drained by runners who are not spiritually aware. They have their own issues to work on but in the mean time work on your self and seek happiness for your own. I have a strange soul connection to a guy who has displayed all the signs of running but now 4 years on I’m done. I don’t dislike him or anything it’s just that I rather choose to be with people who are more spiritually aware. Maybe I was a catalyst for him to start him off on his spiritual journey but that’s where my work is done he’ll have to figure out the rest for him self as we all do. Love and light peeps.

  7. Every so often I have to log onto a site like this just to remember that I am not crazy, pathetic, etc. In general I am a very centered person and I have had a strong spiritual practice for over twenty years, but this TF thing has blown me to smithereens. At the same time, I acknowledge that my life has improved in virtually every way since meeting my TF 3 1/2 years ago.

    Yes, I’ve been the Chaser, pretty much all along. My TF doesn’t even admit there is such at thing as TFs, or says, “Well, if there are TFs, I can TF with multiple people.” I am married to someone else, someone I love very much, definitely a soul mate, but it is utterly obvious to me that there is a big difference between that bond and the bond with my TF. Sigh.

    After the latest round of confusing/excruciating behavior from the Runner, I’ve made a strong commitment to simply walk away (not in my heart, of course, for that would be impossible)–stop calling, stop writing, stop sending little gifts. I see how the Chaser dynamic replicates my family-of-origin dynamics, and although I’ve done a TON of work on those, I cannot withstand the constant triggering of them by the push-pull actions of my TF. I need a break–

    but the break is excruciating in its own way.

    It is a constant effort of will to keep my vow to myself to not reach out.

    I pray that I am growing in fortitude and integrity through this process. My physical body shows that this is so through my daily yoga asana practice, but my heart goes on weeping. And when it doesn’t weep, I feel slightly numb, which is worse.

    Having survived the murder of my dad when I was ten and a whole ton of other trauma, I know I’ll get through this, even if my TF doesn’t return in this life. But having survived a lot of traumas that seem, on the face of it, much worse than this one, I am amazed at how devastating this is. The rest of my life is almost unimaginably great and getting better all the time, but this does nothing to console the dull, aching spot that lives at the center of my chest…

    • It is a hard rode, I have know my tf for 20 yrs and I get feeling in my body when he thinks of me or has pain cause we r not together it has been a runner and chaser for almost that long me the chaser. my heart is always broken. we share a song i hear that often, and was told he sent it. ” can’t help falling in love with you” by elvis. i’ve told him i’m ready, but he runns to old habits of his , other women, hes not ready and still has thinks to complete before we can reunite in divine love. I am married but not in love have been for 37 yrs and in divorce proceedings now then will be free. on my own free will. god has said when the conditions are right you will join. I hope its soon i have beenheart broken so long it hurts everyday. I want to give up but i have this inside will that takes over. read the teachings of little crow at barnes in noble it does help explain things. love and hugs things will work out when the time is right

      • Butterfly, I have to reply again to this comment you posted instead of the last one as it won’t allow me to reply to that one for some strange reason. Since I replied to your comment last yesterday I found a couple of things that were quite helpful to me and I will share some of them here on the blog as well. First was a reading I had done back in 2009, then I found a message sent to me by a lady on the Yahoo Twin Flame forum that I am a member of, which was also written in 2008 or 2009, then I remembered I had another message from another female member of the same site in my documents on my computer, and 2 articles I printed out again back in the same time frame on Twin Flames. So yes now I remember what was said to me and why and that I had forgotten what both these ladies advised me to do.

        The reading was interesting and talked about his not being ready and I know that his being married is a sure sign of that. I think he’s afraid that if he leaves her he will find that what we have isn’t real. Just my thought. However I do know he loves his kids and with me being in Newfoundland, Canada, and him being in Barbados, it’s not an easy task to get from one place to the other if he was needed back home for some reason. His 15 yr old daughter was raped at school and now has a baby boy and of course H is helping with the care of his grandson now on top of the daughter and his son who is 10. He also has an older son of about 25 from a previous relationship who has been in jail for a year a couple of years ago. Then he has an older daughter from getting a girl pregnant when he was 18. She is married with 2 children of her own. His mother is dead and he never knew his real father, but he has a step father who is still living that he visits a couple of times a week as he is older and not able to get out much. So H has a full life there in Barbados. It’s a lot to walk away from I guess. However as I said I have told him that if he wanted me to and if he was going to leave his wife, I would move there with him so that he could be close to his kids. He hasn’t made any comment on that yet, lol.

        As for doing anything drastic, seems I mentioned that in a post on the Yahoo forum to that extent and this one lady said it would only mean trouble for me in having to come back and repeat this life again! Thanks but no thanks! Once is definitely enough. However it doesn’t prevent me from asking all in spirit who listen to me to let me come home! So we shall see how that works for me. So far not great, lol.

        As for deleting, I am the one who deletes H when I get angry and frustrated with him and his lack of communication or reading other posts on his profiles by other women. It does get a little hard to take at times and I figure if I can’t see it then it can’t hurt me so I delete him. Then when we make up I have to ask him to add me back, lol. He then says he will always add me back because he loves me that much. He has also said that over the years he has learned that the only thing between us is water! He also said this last time when he came back that his life without me has no balance. So maybe he’s beginning to realize that he too won’t find what he’s looking for in some other woman and he’s not happy with his wife although he cares very much for her. He said he always planned on leaving when the kids got older but since meeting me it would be sooner now rather than later. However events seem to come up that keep him there.

        I am familiar with Liora on Facebook and also subscribe to her page so I too get to watch her videos and read her posts and I have a cd by her as well. I have read about everything there is to read on TF’s, books, articles I find online and so on. I subscribe to goldraytwinflames Youtube channel as I find the information Mel brings forth on TF’s is by far the most likely to be true of anything else I have come across. I do like Yael and Doug Powell’s series of books entitled “Say ‘Yes’ To Love, God explains Soul Mates” and the ones following that one to be very enlightening and have actually read them several times. I also have a couple of friends I have met through the Yahoo forum and on Facebook that have TF’s as well so we commiserate together. Although the 2 I’m closest to have TF’s in spirit so that’s a bit different then the path of having one’s Twin in the flesh so to speak.

        As for Facebook, if I look up “Butterfly” I can’t find you and that is all I have to go on. If you like you can private message me at (ymail is part of Yahoo as some think I made a mistake and mean gmail, lol)

        Thanks for your concern, I do appreciate it and it’s always nice to have someone to talk to when things get rough. Take care.

    • Yes I understand what you mean. It doesn’t matter how great our life is otherwise, this TF thing can make us all a little crazy. You are right too that unless someone is in this themselves, they can’t ever understand what we all go through so we tend to not talk about it.

      My TF was out of contact for 8 months, he’s the runner and I’m the chaser. For the first 5 months I was writing him and leaving him messages that he completely ignored. Then for the last 3 months I stopped reaching out. I didn’t write, or leave messages or anything. I figured he was gone for good this time as it was the longest stretch of no communication from him to date. But I figured if he was walking away for whatever reason, then I was going to try to put him out of my mind and move on with my life. Easier said than done as you know. It takes hardening my heart and I know as we walk this path, not only of Twin Flame reunion but also of ascension, hardening my heart is the worst thing to do when we are trying to open our hearts in this process. However it is the only way I know to stop reaching out to him, to try to stop thinking about him. Even then it doesn’t really work but it makes it a little more bearable. Right now we are in communication again, since Christmas Day, he texted me to wish me a Merry Christmas and I replied, which began our present phase of being in contact. But every day I am afraid this might be the last day I will hear from him even though he tells me he won’t do this again. It’s hard to trust what he says, it’s hard to believe him when he says he loves me because he said that before he dropped off the face of the earth for 8 months. Loving me doesn’t stop him leaving me.

      In my case it is my TF who is married with young kids and that makes it hard for him to leave. I myself am divorced almost 20 years now. If he was to ask me to, I would go there to be with him but he hasn’t and for me to just move there without knowing what would happen would make no sense. He tells me now that he is coming for a visit in November. Now again he has said this before but by the time the visit time rolls around he’s gone and it doesn’t happen. So I can only take this one day at a time right now but I have my days when I am ready to walk, days when I hear nothing and yet know he’s been on the site we use to chat and he sends me stuff on there. So if he’s on there and I don’t hear from him, who the heck is he talking to, or what is he doing? Now he tells me he has lots of lady friends that he talks to with the emphasis on friends and I shouldn’t be jealous. That too is easier said that done when the communication we do have is often not much and a day or two goes by without anything. But yet he can talk to someone else on that site. I don’t ask for much, I only ask for a moment of his time to just say “Hi” but I don’t always get that. I just let it go, I know if I say anything he will be gone again, that’s been the pattern. If I say I wish he would write more or whatever, he just walks. So I say nothing, I keep my feelings to myself and let him do whatever he wants to do. However the day is coming I fear that I’m going to say something again and then he will leave but this time I won’t be waiting for him to come back. This time I will block him from contacting me again. Twin or not, there is only so much a person can take and I’ve about reached my limit. I have given more second chances than I can count but even I have a limit and I’m about done.

      I am tired of crying. I try not to do that anymore because it isn’t crying anymore, it’s more like a keening or sometimes there is no sound at all, it’s just too deep and too painful to express adequately through tears. I know numbness all too well. I have also spent a long time now wanting nothing more than to just go home, to go back to God or where ever it is I came here from. I just want the pain to end. I just want to know peace. I met my Twin over 6 years ago and after the first 5 months of bliss, at least on my part, the rest of this has been a perverse kind of hell. I’m going to post something on my blog in a minute that I read on Facebook the other night called “When Your Partner Stops Giving”. It was very enlightening. There is no doubt that this is a form of abuse and perhaps I’m nuts to even take him back at all Twin or not. I am going to say this though, I am getting ready to move to a new place, a new province even. When I do, I will meet a man there who I have known longer than my TF who has told me that he loves me and wants to meet me when I move because it will be closer to him. If we meet and there is anything at all between us, I’m going for it. I’m tired of waiting for my TF to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time I got back to living my life and finding whatever happiness there is out there for me.

      I do believe that the Twin Flame is first and foremost a stream of consciousness. I have read that many times and I do believe it based on my own experiences. I’m not even certain anymore that this man who seems intent on causing me untold grief at times is still or ever was my Twin Flame. I believe that we can feel our Twin’s energy or essence through someone else and it is my hope that I will feel his essence with this other man. Right now that is all that keeps me holding on here.

      Thanks for sharing your story with me. Take care. Feel free to write again anytime. Much love to you.


      • Carolyn I have bben blocked deleted so many times it hurts on each but he always comes back when he relealizes what we share is much more fullfilling then what he runs to. hes in denial and not ready yet. go to twin flame sites and do some reserch i did to help me understand it more. please dont do anything drastic, for thats not in the plan you both have to be ready at the same time god will put u both togehter. he is not ready if married he will need to get a divorce first before god will allow him to be reunited with you. I found this in my reserch. I know it is hard, please hang in there. I am going through it too, but i did go to a medium who told me I will be reunited this yr. we both have things that need to be taken care of first. me a divorce almost completed and he has work to do too which i’m sure is the women he keeps company with for he needs someone to hang with. i think its loria111 twin flame on found it on fb and get daily things from them with videos that explain alot. i just watched one on doing meditaion to send messages to ur tf it worked very well he sent me messages even though we did not talk i know where they came from. . good luck, have faith hugs i”m on fb if u want to look me up love and hugs

  8. Thank you so much for your post. I’m currently going through something I don’t understand but admit have followed up a lot on the twin flame dynamic. Your entry is so enlightening only I wish it applies to me. Will I or will I not be reunited with my “twin soul”? It’s ok to hope right? :*)

    My situation is a bit unique as well. I’m in my late 20′s, and am going through a divorce with a man (we eloped, family doesn’t know) that I never truly loved to begin with. Now that I look back, it was more of a karmic relationship filled with guilt, responsibility and fear. We were together for 5 years, and during this time I met his cousin (late 20′s) who I felt a deep, mysterious connection with but denied it for the sake of my marriage. Years passed by, this cousin and I got to know each other better and realized how alike and compatible we truly were. He became my true friend, not just a “cousin in-law” (he knew about the marriage). Near the end stage of my marriage, I found out that my husband cheated on me. There were other reasons why I needed to escape him, but this was the deal breaker. Somehow, the cousin and I finally confessed our love for each other and got together for a while. Sadly, our “union” did not last for a little over three weeks. He has or had so many issues (e.g. crazy “ex” baggage, career dilemma, health, fear of family strife), and is feeling restless. Meanwhile, I’m trying to tackle my own issues (e.g. divorce settlement agreement, insecurities, jealousy, trust issues). Worst, I think he’s “running” away from me because he has never felt such a “deep” connection like the one we experienced before. I, too, was afraid of losing him so I “chased” him away and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. We are still “friends,” and we talk every now and then. However, I think we both miss each other. I asked him why he thinks we’re going through this, and he said perhaps for me to grow stronger and for him to know what he wants to do with his life. Nonetheless, 3 weeks with him meant so much more than 3 years of marriage from Hell. I wonder if he is truly my twin soul.

    Part of me want to believe that he will come back to me, but the other part is really pessimistic. I’m also a child of God and believe that He will gently enfold my life into his care and keeping. With all the heartache that I’m going through, I truly wonder if it was all meant to be and that my path will be bright again. I hope so because February and March have been such terrible months. I’m slowly healing, but the missing is just so unbearable. Through my prayers and meditation, I’m learning four things: be patient, be understanding, think positive, and listen to God and to my inner spirit. I also know that I need to love unconditionally in order to experience a “divine” connection that I’ve longed for all my life-of which I’ve found with him. Have I gone mad? Does any of this make sense? Will he come back to me?

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I’m just relieved that I found your blog and wanted to share with you my story as you did with me. Thank you so much again. God bless.

  9. This was a helpful article. So much of the runner’s running doesn’t make sense but I know he’s hurting. He somehow saw an April Fool’s joke I didn’t even intend for him to see, and he has now blocked me on FB. I used to be able to message him but I discovered when I came back from a trip a couple days ago that he blocked me! I don’t even know how he saw my joke because we’re not friends on FB. I found a way to see what he wrote and he sounded annoyed and upset but my joke of saying I was leaving my husband must have really struck a chord with him. We can’t even talk about it, as he avoids me.
    I have been friends w/ my TF since last summer and there have been intense highs and lows. He is constantly in my thoughts, and when we have the good times, there is impeccable, undeniable chemistry. He can just simply smile at me, strictly for me, and I go weak in the knees and feel a powerful magnetism. I’m grateful for the good memories. There are frustrating things that happen to, which is tough. I think the waiting time has approached. I can’t even cry, it’s hard to explain, but part of my soul aches!

  10. ohh I’m so a chaser and so miserable.
    After knowing my twin flame for 20 yrs we have come and gone. more then you could ever know. so what just happened. WOW he asks me to spend 4 days with him over his birthday, a milestone 60 (he looks 45) i said yes. two days later he defriends me, will not return inbox messages, calls or texts. birthday time comes nothing happens he will not reply. I go to his home and sure enough there is a car there i do not reconize , now again i am out of controol and upset. This is a visious cycle i have been in for yrs. yet my hear ackes for him as his does for me. I went to a medium who said we would soon be together but WHY OH WHY do i need all this stress and heart just acking away. for he is the runner, and is still not ready to except and understand whats going on so he runns. HEART BROKEN AGAIN IN NY AND NJ I pray daily many times for me and him. I feel him in my sleep for we are together then but not phyical. When he is thinking of me or in pain i have the feelings through out my body. as he does. I just keep praying for the time when we will have the divine love that is meant to be.

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